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Closing for the Season

on July 2nd - open until 4pm

Roadside Stand will open on

July 6th and will be available until all plants are sold!

About Us

We are a small, privately owned greenhouse located in the scenic seacoast town of North Hampton, NH that caters to homeowners as well as businesses.


Approximately one-third of our plants are grown from seed!  We pride ourselves in growing heirloom varieties of flowers and vegetables with a unique variety of annuals and perennials found nowhere else! The remainder of our plants are carefully chosen from select growers to ensure that our customers have only the very best quality and variety.


We offer seasonal decorating for homes and businesses, as well as creating custom containers and window boxes.  For a small fee, you can bring your containers to us and we will help you select plants just right for your home!

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Patio Container Workshops

Gather your group of friends!  Create your own customized workshop with your friends, small or large groups, and organizations welcome!

We provide the soil, you bring your own container (12" - 14") or purchase one of ours.  Master Gardener Lisa Cote will assist you in selecting plant groupings that will make your containers look fabulous!

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Getting Ready For Spring

The winter days are getting longer and the sun is stronger!  Spring is calling us to start planning our summer gardens.  Look ahead to early spring planting dates for cold weather crops such as lettuce, carrots, spinach and sugar snap peas. These varieties can be sown directly into the ground as early as late-March.


March is a good time to start seeds indoors for planting after Memorial Day.


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