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Gardening Tips

Getting Ready For Spring
Look ahead to early spring planting dates for cold weather crops such as lettuce, carrots, spinach and sugar snap peas. These varieties can be sown directly into the ground as early as late-March. Now is a good time to start seeds indoors for planting after Memorial Day.
Early Spring Planting

In late-March and early April, the ground should be thawed enough to work so that you can plant cold weather crops.  Now is a good time to remove any weeds or debris from your gardens and beds and add amendments to your soil.


Some cool weather vegetables can be planted right into your perennial gardens  in pots combined with your favorite flowers.

Summer Planting

In Seacoast NH, it is generally safe to plant our summer seeds and seedlings after Memorial Day. Watch the weather forecast for any late spring frosts and cover tender plants if there is a frost in the forecast.  Chances are that the late frost will not do any permanent damage, but take necessary precautions.

Fall Clean Up & Winter Prep

After the planting season is over, it is important to take care of your gardens and beds.  Remove any weeds and cut back perennials. You can protect newly planted perennials or shrubs with an extra layer of mulch.  Use of salt marsh hay is effective if you place it around plants after the first hard freeze in your area.

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